Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice, one which, according to some scholars, dates back to prehistoric and pre-religious times, and originated with the Tungus peoples of Siberia. However, we find evidence of similar practices in all world cultures, from the use of ritual musical instruments among Native Americans, to ritual practices in the Maya civilisation, in the spiritualism of Australian Aborigines and in Celtic civilisation.

But also in classical Greek civilisation, as Carl Gustav Jung understood with his theory of archetypes and as Richard Dodds demonstrated in his famous essay ‘The Greeks and the Irrational’. But even more surprisingly, today we see the resurgence of a great interest in shamanism and spirituality right at the heart of modern materialism and even more so in contemporary societies.

Stefano Simontacchi

The Prism

Stefano Simontacchi (aka The Prism) is the creator of The Prism project, an artistic and cultural platform that reaches everyone in the form of artworks, but also collaborations, encounters, talks emotions and ideas.

Stefano Simontacchi, managing partner and chairman of the most important Italian law firm for 11 years, is a figure who has held a prominent position in Italy in the legal profession and has been a key player in Italian economic life for years.

He has served as a consultant for the Italian government several times and has been a board member of important companies and associations. In December 2023, Stefano was awarded the honour of Commander of Merit of the Italian Republic, bestowed – motu proprio – by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

He complements his professional activity with his ethical, cultural, and humanitarian commitment and among other things, he is the Chairman of the Buzzi Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Chairman of the Foundation for the Italian School and a founding member and board member of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network Foundation.

He has always been dedicated to the study and exploration of ethics in business and has promoted it in the business world through initiatives such as Dreamers Day in 2017 and 2019, The Future Makers in 2018, and TEDxTreviso in 2022. He regularly writes editorials on social and economic themes in the most relevant Italian newspaper (Corriere della Sera).

After a deep inner growth, based on extensive readings and above all meditation, he developed a path to the investigation of shamanism and spirituality in general, which has its synthesis in his artistic expression.
The Prism project thus allows us to “see” what we could not see before: a and generous gift that opens up light in a myriad of facets, making art a tool for inner self elevation and profound knowledge.

Marco Senaldi


Marco Senaldi, philosopher and contemporary art theorist, has curated international exhibitions, including Critical Quest (with A. Galletta, 1993), Cover Theory (2003), Il marmo e la celluloide (2006), Fuori Fuoco – visioni video (2012), Sul limite di un’altra soglia. Andrea Santarlasci (2014), Birdman – Desire to Fly (2015); Francesco Lauretta. Due Volte (2018); Il Piede. Dario Bellini (2022). He has published numerous essays intersecting philosophy and art, including Definitively Unfinished. Filosofia dell’arte contemporanea (2012), Obversione. Media e disidentità (2014; 2023 II ed.) recently Duchamp. La scienza dell’arte (2019; French translation 2022).

He is the television author of cultural programmes for Canale 5, Italia Uno and RAI Tre and in 2019, he created (with Alessandra Galletta) Genio & Sregolatezza. Arte e storia in Italia for RAI Storia. His articles have appeared in Flash Art, Il Manifesto, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Interni, and he writes the column “In fondo in fondo”; in Artribune. He is Professor of Media Aesthetics at the Brera Academy, Milan, and, since 2023, Artistic Director of LABA Libera Accademia di Belle Arti Brescia e Trentino (Free Academy Fine Arts Brescia and Trentino).

Sergio Lella

CEO The Prism

Sergio Lella graduated in Copywriting at the IED Institute in Milan.
He boasts thirty years of know-how in creative and artistic direction within the marketing and advertising sector. He has collected important experiences in different realities, such as Jakala and Tequila Italia.

He currently works as a Marketing Consultant at Diagon, embracing The Prism project in a disruptive, unconventional way, contributing to its promotion and affirmation.