The Film

The short film Project Revelation is a poetic and surreal evocation of the artistic and mental universe of the creator, accompanied by the original soundtrack by Riccardo Valle. It is directed by Jacopo Farina and scripted by Ernesto Giuntini, based on a story and words by The Prism. The film is set in the former railway yard of Porta Genova (Milan) where the backlit artworks stand out in the darkness of a post-industrial space and


A woman wanders in a semi-dark environment and, in her wanderings, comes across circular luminous shaped objects. Dialoguing with an invisible male voice, he pauses in front of each of these works which, like shamanic portals, lead her to climb mysterious stairs. The path of spiritual elevation ends in front of a golden and mirrored artwork, where the protagonist loses sight of her own face and sees that of The Prism appear, with which she recites in unison the last verse of her inner poem.

Malika Ayane

Special guest


Special Guest

Malika Ayane

Spiritual Entity



Jacopo Farina


Ernesto Giuntini

Subject and Texts by



Neil Devetti

Original Soundtrack

Riccardo Valle

Production Company

Basement HQ

Jacopo Farina


Jacopo Farina is a portrait photographer for Contrasto and video director for Fondazione Prada, Triennale and Fondation Cartier and Italian artists such as Cosmo, Zen Circus and Baustelle.

Director’s notes

Inspired by shapes and symbolism of the classics of surrealist avant-garde cinema (think of Witch’s Cradle, 1943, the short film by Maya Deren with Marcel Duchamp with its magical and surreal atmospheres) Project Revelation is a metaphor for the artistic and
psychological experience that every person can obtain in the presence of the artworks of The Prism. In the end, the individual ends up losing their own Ego to merge the two parts of the Self (the protagonist and the spiritual voice) into a single suprapersonal entity that composes the ‘Whole’.