Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Welcome to

The Prism Core Center

“Only those who have power over their emotions can become the creator of their own life.”

Enter an interactive artistic space that aims to awaken your awareness. Not a fleeting distraction from the daily routine, but a hub that connects many different disciplines and knowledge.

TPCC is an open platform, which overcomes the limits of conventional art to facilitate the meeting of knowledge and languages ​​that can help people find their core and rediscover themselves.

The Prism Core Center

Milan, Italy

Piazza Napoli, 22

Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday | 3pm – 9pm
Thursday | 10am – 3pm
Friday | 3pm – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday | 12am – 7pm

Entrance is free with reservations required, which includes a guided tour of the “Emotional Journey” exhibition hall and the immersive path “Project Revelation”.

Emotional Journey

“Everything starts with a decision.”

Every man and woman has a dream. To realize it, however, they must be willing to live it, having emotion is the compass of their desires. It is by placing ourselves, in the here and now, in the emotion that we would like to feel that then dreams come true. The new ‘Emotional Journey’ is not a simple gallery, but it is singular, truthful immersion in the visual and spiritual world of The Prism.



May 2024

La visione olistica della persona in un mondo in continua evoluzione

Project Revelation

Through seven shamanic portals, we will be guided by the voice of the author – The Prism – on a true path of rebirthing, directed towards the rediscovery and revelation of our own authentic Self.

The metaphysics of the soul materialises in shapes and colours so as to be explored in solitude, and let us reconnect with our inner universe.

Entering Project Revelation means embarking on an emotional journey which, through the use of sound, light and colour, allows the viewer to arouse forgotten images and archetypes within themselves through the contemplation of the works before them. The union of all these elements allows us to go beyond the mere material level, to rediscover a dialogue with our soul and approach a spiritual world that, in today’s society, is regaining the attention of an increasing number of people at every level.





Seven is the number of rooms spectators pass through, immersing themselves in an emotional journey towards the rediscovery of the self, each characterized by a name and a function.

Project Revelation

Virtual Experience

Past Exhibition

The first edition of “Project Revelation” was inaugurated in Milan on 18 April 2023, during Design Week. Open until July 2023, it recorded over 5,000 visitors and achieved an excellent response from critics and the press, with hundreds of articles and interviews on TV, radio and print media.

Project Revelation was part of the 5Vie district, which for the 2023 edition revolved around the theme of Design for Good: an exploration of the relationship between design and psychophysical wellbeing, without overlooking the importance of spirituality, fundamental in the process of ‘rebirthing’.